About Me

Ifiok Ikeagu

Hi, I’m Ifiok. I work with young children, nurturing and guiding them towards achieving their maximum potential. A great part of responding to and satisfying this passion involves me working closely with parents, educators, and other stakeholders working with children in their early years of life.

My Mission

I am on a mission to raise the standard of nurture and care given to young children, especially in their early years of life. My goal is to improve the quality of teaching, learning, and parenting for children, thereby guaranteeing the best outcomes for every child.

My Vision

To be a leading provider of high-quality training, guidance, and continuous professional and personal development for educators, parents, childcare settings, and organisations. To equip individuals with information and support to provide a better quality of nurturing experiences for children, thus setting them up for better success early on in life. 

My Philosophy

1: Every Child matters
2: Whole-Child Development
3: Positive Discipline
4: Positive Parenting

My Values

1: Respect: All Children have a voice. This voice should be heard, understood, and respected.
2: Responsibility: Children should be taught to be responsible first for themselves; Only then will they develop the character to function responsibly in their world. 
3: Belief: Every child matters, can learn, and can be guided to achieve their full potential.

“The goal of Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”
Maria Montessori