Welcome To Our Virtual Preschool/Pre-K Space!

Whether your child is unable to attend pre-school, or/and you are teaching your child at home or you are seeking to include a virtual learning program to provide your child with ample learning opportunities, this is the place for you. The Virtual Pre-School is for children ages 3-5.

This program has been created with 2 goals in mind: 

To remain engaged with children and to connect with more children all over the world.


To provide support for parents in providing educational support program for their children

What We Provide

In this preschool program, students will meet 3x per week to learn basic pre-K skills taught by Ms. Fifi.

Special class features include:

  • Circle time: Children will be engaging in circle time that includes: songs, question of the day, calendar time, letters and more! Learners will be able to socialize with others during show and tell and fun class games.
  • Every class will begin with a LIVE interactive online class with Ms. Fifi

2 separate class groups. (Dazzling Diamonds for 3-4year olds and Amazing Ambers for 4-5

Free 30-minute one-on-one consultation/expert guidance for parents.

LIVE interactive online classes

Three 45 minute Sessions per week

Hands on/STEAM based projects & activities

Low student:teacher ratio of 5:1

Our Curriculum

In this preschool program, students will meet with Ms. Fifi to learn basic pre-K skills. Our teaching philosophy focuses on tangible real-life implementation and exercising of life skills and pre-academic skills. We believe strongly that play and social-emotional development are the most important aspects of children in their early years-pre-school aged children. As such, we focus on guiding them through fun and engaging activities to  develop skills and competencies that will ignite a love for learning that will see them through their entire life. 

Our approach ensures interactive learning which promotes the child’s independence as well as family collaboration. 

Our Focus Areas

  • Reading
  • Sensorial Life
  • Practical Life
  • Writing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cultural Studies
  • STEM
  • Music & Movement


 Entry Options

  1. Try out our program for one week for 40USD (New students)
  2. Register Weekly for 45 USD
  3. Register monthly for 150 USD


Entry Process

  1. Complete and submit registration form.
  2. Pay VPS fees 
  3. Join/sign in to the padlet for access to class materials.
  4. Schedule/Attend parent orientation/ receive link to class page on padlet.
  5. Get Ready! Class starts soon!

Phonics Classes

Learning phonics is essential for children to become successful in reading, spelling, writing and ultimately more efficient learners as they grow. Whether your child is new to phonics, a beginning reader, or just needing support with their reading and writing, we’ve got you covered. We offer group and individual phonics classes.


Our phonics lessons are typically for children 3-6 and are designed to be fun, interactive and engaging.

Group & Individual

Small class group of only 5 – 8 children allows for individual learning needs to be met and private class options are available during the week to provide for a more individualized learning experience.

Dates & Times

Classes run only on Fridays and Saturdays for 45 mins (Group classes). Private/individual classes are flexible and based on the availability of tutors